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Learning Syndication Program

Learning Syndication refers to the collaboration of learning content providers and stakeholders within an educational eco-system  coming  together to jointly achieve  a desirable learning outcome . Afrilech serves as a trusted broker of the learning services delivered within this syndicate and ensures the governance related to intended outcomes is achieved within the framework of engagement.

Experiential & Action Learning Programs

Action learning describes an educational strategy, used in a group setting, that seeks to generate learning from human interaction arising from engagement in the solution of real-time  work problems.  Experiential Learning is similar to above but focused on individual learning through experience. Afrilech aims to build into its learning  syndicate programs action or experiential  learning work based based projects with its industry partners to ensure the learnerships result in improved workplace and individual business performance.

Employability Readiness Programs

Employment readiness is defined as being able, to find, acquire, and keep an appropriate job as well as to be able to manage transitions to new jobs as needed. Afrilech uses industry recognized online assessment tools to run employment readiness assessments and proffer development programs to ensure prospective and registered learners  are employable and job ready.

Culture Assessment & Orientation Programs

Cultural differences and similarities account for a significant proportion of risks and challenges posed by change  and diversity within organizations.  Afrilech offers culture assessments and orientation programs  utilizing an effective framework and suite of tools to help individuals, teams, and organizations with developing cultural competencies and leveraging cultural preferences in the workplace.

Change Management Programs

Change and innovation are critical to every organization. Afrilech works with world class change facilitation partners to simulate the challenges of real world organizational  change, utilizing cloud based experiential tools and customized workshops tailored to the  required change initiative.

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